Who are we

Driven to bring stories that linger with their audience, VC Film produces films in all shapes and sizes. Whether it is a fiction film, short movie, documentary or a story that doesn’t fit any of the usual categories. You name it, we make it.

VC Film is an independent film production company in Belgium. By choosing VC Film as your production partner, you will get yourself a personalised service that supports you during the whole process of developing, producing and distributing films. Because you can count on:

  • a ‘one-stop shop’ with a talented team of (creative) producers, researchers, writers, editors, artists, …
  • a solid know-how about funding, soft money and tax shelter
  • the contacts you need and excellent relationships with distribution companies
  • years of experience in different genres

Bringing together a wealth of knowledge, experience and ambition, VC Film guides both young talent and veterans through every step of the filmmaking process.


River is the long-awaited debut of Laurenzo Vergeynst. It tells the story of River, a 19-year-old boy who suffers from a psychosis.

coming soon


Il Pleut Des Voeux tells the story of Henri, a homeless man. Roaming the streets of Ghent, he plays his accordion day after day. And every evening, he throws the money he earned into the Leie.

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Currently, we are eagerly awaiting the response to the pilot episode of Rademaekers. So, for now, all we can say is: to be continued…

Coming soon


When an introverted teenage skateboarder falls in love with the girlfriend of one of his best friends, he is pushed to his limits by the people closest to him.

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Flanders, Post World War I. Every day, a traumatized ex-soldier and his obedient son go hunting in order to survive and to take care of the mortally ill mother.

Everyday, the two are pushed to their limits, until they reach the point of no return.


Would you eat a chair to prove something? Even if it unintentionally turns your whole world upside down?

This short film tells the melancholic and wondrous tale of Gerard, who is tremendously in love with the girl next door. But he does not have the guts to tell her.

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